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SALON EAST is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the salon industry. We set ourselves apart through education and total quality, upholding our standards to the highest degree.

What is an American Board Certified Master Hair Colorist an American Board Certified Master Hair Colorist?

ABCMH is an individual who has passed rigorous testing to establish their competence in the skills of hair coloring. The ABCMH’s skills are based on the in-depth knowledge of consultation, formulation, color correction and various advanced techniques ensuring beautiful hair color without compromise. An American Board Certified Master Hair Colorist focuses on maintaining outstanding condition of the hair, while achieving phenomenal hair color results. JoAnn Gustafson, ABCMH, owner and operator of Salon East believes education is the true key to achieving successful hair color. At Salon East the skills of the ABCMH are the authority. Salon East goes one step further by having its own Skill Certification for both coloring and cutting. JoAnn Gustafson, ABCMH, heads Salon East’s in-house Skill Certification training. 

What is Skill Certification?

The Skill Certified staff of Salon East ensures excellence throughout the salon. Through our proprietary Skill Certification, clients are confident in choosing Salon East for all their hair coloring needs. Unlike many salons, Salon East is run under the belief that education through Skill Certification is the key to total quality within a salon. Total quality requires a salon to implement in-house training, resulting in highly skilled professionals. Salon East, having mandatory bi-weekly in-house classes and skill standards to abide by, arms its staff with the expertise needed for total quality. 

Salon East’s Skill Certification is based on four levels; each level reflects the stylist’s completion of excellence, performed at that level in haircoloring and/or haircutting BRONZE level certified basic knowledge of advanced techniques. SILVER level certifies better knowledge of advanced techniques. GOLD level certified superior knowledge of advanced techniques, and the ability to elaborate on them. PLATINUM level stylists and/or JoAnn Gustafson, ABCMH, will formulate all color services, and consult with any haircutting questions in the salon, ensuring high-level coloring and cutting results at all levels. The stylists will not perform a service that they have not been certified to do.

When SALON EAST was founded in 1995 we made a commitment to ourselves as well as our clients, to offer the best quality service possible! We have built our business on teamwork, education and quality control. Through teamwork we have created a non-competitive atmosphere, allowing the client to move from one stylist to another without conflict. Education is a very important part of SALON EAST. In addition to our off-premise education, our weekly in-hours education consists of all the latest trends in color, highlighting and cutting. Our training program has been established to maintain consistency throughout the salon. Because we are constantly striving to uphold our standards to the highest degree, your comments are always welcome.


JoAnn and Paul Gustafson

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