2023 Booking Policy

  1. At Salon East, we value our staff’s time, hard work and energy they give to us and you everyday. We have a system in place that keeps all of our hard working people happy and compensated fairly when cancellations occur. Please make sure that all of YOUR contact information is correct when you enter it in and make sure it is NOT A LANDLINE. We are not responsible for incorrect phone numbers or email entries.
    Our policy requires a 50% deposit at time of booking that will compensate the stylist and salons’ time that was taken off the calendar and unable to replace with other clients.
    To assist you in this process and to ensure we manage our teams time efficiently, you will get a text message 72 hours before your appointment. You will have up to 48 hours to cancel that appointment in order to get a full refund. Anything after that 48 hour mark will be forfeited due to the inability to fill that space with a new client with such short notice. By filling out the form below, you acknowledge our booking guidelines and understand there will be a fee attached if you are unable to follow them.